Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Stuff

This title should get a lot of attention.

 A list of free game libraries : Free Game Libraries 

You are still here instead of going to the link.
Even though the list hasnt been updated in a long time, its still the most complete list I have found. There are a ton of entries, and I would say it is pretty comprehensive. It would be nice, if it mentioned if the link/library was still active but you cant win them all. This site breaks entries down into their general category ( 3D Graphics, 2D Graphics, Sound/Music, Networking, Video, Compression, Artificial Intelligence, Math/Physics, Scripting, etc. ), each entry contains a link to the library as well as the license it was released under

Monday, December 12, 2011

Control Control Control

I recently started coding a generic UI library which could be easily added to Mpong or to any other Game that I decided to make in the future.
So far, I have added the following controls

  • A base control from which all the controls will inherit. This will obviously contain all the common code
  • Window Control : A basic container for all the other controls
  • Label Control - For all those static pieces of text that just need to be displayed
  • Button Control - Press Me, Press Me
  • TextBox Control - User can finally enter text. Yay
  • CheckBox Control - Am I true or not?
These seemed to be the basic controls that I needed.  Currently, they are working fine in my test project. Hopefully, they will continue to work as planned once I have integrated them into the main project

I am still deciding, whether I want to spend time adding more controls like ListBoxes etc or not at this time.
I will be detailing out the workings of the controls over the next few updates.